The warriors fighting to survive battles are fighting for life and are the patriots of humanity. They face, not their end, but are here to fight for their existence. Each moment: a victory! Each breath is a well aimed weapon! Each heartbeat is a volley from the catapult! The disease, sickness, condition, or illness, cannot overcome such will to live; such determination! Such as it is with the champions of this life!

Under Wings

How dare anyone clip your wings?

One from a vow:

The other with a ring.

Remembering what it was to fly:

From limb to branch:

Earth to sky.

Yearning dives into desire;

Plummetting from above

To brimstone and fire.

Security’s prison set

To attempt control

And capture a pet?

The longing to soar:

A struggle so real

And true to the core.

“Give up!” and “Give in!” are screaming

To mute the song

And detain you from being

The swan that you are,

So beautiful

Even from afar.

In your mind, you are free:

No need for permission

And coveted memory.

For above them all, you will soar

With wings outstretched

And you will fly forevermore.

Taunting you now, the captor cries,

A shout, or a whisper

To haunt the clear skies.

Above you, the heavens call:

Gently, softly,

And despite it all,

The truth disrupts the “perfect life”

When clipped wings

Has led only to strife.

Let it be known, to those with a cage:

Soon it will be empty,

Just as the vow that they made.

Love was not welcome, or else you would be free.

The truth which you seek,

I have given to thee.

Love is not a prisoner, love is free!

As the wind underneath,

Currently raises you to be!

I Asked Heaven

I am opening more to You,

As the world does in Spring!

Turning all my blue,

To a brighter emerald green.

I feel my soul light up

When you are near.

Soothing every part

Of a hibernating heart.

I haven’t smiled so much,

For an age!

You; build me up,

Raise me up,

Lift me up,

Bring me up,

So much higher!

I’m not looking down,

For You inspire me,

Even when the glass

Looks empty!

I was reduced to ashes,

For so long, I felt like one,

Butt you shone upon

Me and Love begun.

I’m not going to make you wait,

No matter how full, or empty the plate,

To tell You I Love everything about You!

I savor your words in my heart.

I am here for you, no matter the circumstance, troubles,or pain,

For You are like me; with a soul of eternal flame!

Upwards You rise:

A glimmer, a dawn; now Your rays are in my eyes

Illuminating the best parts of me, like Plato realized!

Enlightened by You

The truth we now see

Is a life vast in meaning!

For deep in the sea

Of your eyes,

I can sense You holding me.

I am staying!

I am here!

No more praying!

No more fear!

For Heaven replied!

Drunken Remnants

Pour me another heartache.

Add a twist of time.

Bring a shot that I can take.

Aim it at my mind,

For only a drink will make

Me forget that line.

Talking about her again,

Not saying her name.

Remembering way back when.

Not counting on pain

To become my only friend.

Leaving her, for blame.

Pour me another heartache.

Add a twist of time.

Make a shot that I will take.

Aim it at my mind.

‘Cause only a drink will make

Me forget that line.

What I remember the most,

I won’t hear again.

The phrase: a phantoms ghost

Still haunting my brain.

So bartender, raise a toast:

What’s broken, remains.

Pour me another heartache,

Add a dose of time.

Shoot a shot that you can make.

Aim it at my heart.

One more drink will surely break

All her words apart.


I was wandering through the dark,

When I came across a park.

Despair nearly made pieces of me,

Then a ray reached through the trees.

I embraced the ray from the sun

And stored its power to carry on.

I met Ray in California.

How could he illuminate ya?

Questioning myself, he answered

With an open heart, doubt was overpowered.

Glass with 3D images meticulously created inside.

A laser used to make an impression: realized.

Forever engraved, by the most loving ray,

Is the image of you raising your ray to raise!


The wanderer passed out face up to the sun.

A mirage transformed a dream which had just begun.

Escaping the desert: an oasis on the horizon.

Unfurling itself as a Morning Glory seeing the sun,

Upon the subconscious appeared the coveted vision.

Water relieving; ragged lips, severe burns, and hope long missin’.

Shade from the trees; defending their body from being beaten,

By that superior force, both friend and foe daily beamin’.

Persevere, my soul.

Endure, my mind.

Make me feel whole.

Oasis, find.