Under Wings

How dare anyone clip your wings?

One from a vow:

The other with a ring.

Remembering what it was to fly:

From limb to branch:

Earth to sky.

Yearning dives into desire;

Plummetting from above

To brimstone and fire.

Security’s prison set

To attempt control

And capture a pet?

The longing to soar:

A struggle so real

And true to the core.

“Give up!” and “Give in!” are screaming

To mute the song

And detain you from being

The swan that you are,

So beautiful

Even from afar.

In your mind, you are free:

No need for permission

And coveted memory.

For above them all, you will soar

With wings outstretched

And you will fly forevermore.

Taunting you now, the captor cries,

A shout, or a whisper

To haunt the clear skies.

Above you, the heavens call:

Gently, softly,

And despite it all,

The truth disrupts the “perfect life”

When clipped wings

Has led only to strife.

Let it be known, to those with a cage:

Soon it will be empty,

Just as the vow that they made.

Love was not welcome, or else you would be free.

The truth which you seek,

I have given to thee.

Love is not a prisoner, love is free!

As the wind underneath,

Currently raises you to be!

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