I was wandering through the dark,

When I came across a park.

Despair nearly made pieces of me,

Then a ray reached through the trees.

I embraced the ray from the sun

And stored its power to carry on.

I met Ray in California.

How could he illuminate ya?

Questioning myself, he answered

With an open heart, doubt was overpowered.

Glass with 3D images meticulously created inside.

A laser used to make an impression: realized.

Forever engraved, by the most loving ray,

Is the image of you raising your ray to raise!

2 thoughts on “Rays

  1. Very illuminating! “Despair nearly made pieces of me”… fantastic line. Great visuals. I love it when the trees make pieces of the rays, turning them to glitter, falling down on you in the darkness of the forest.

    Liked by 2 people

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