I Asked Heaven

I am opening more to You,

As the world does in Spring!

Turning all my blue,

To a brighter emerald green.

I feel my soul light up

When you are near.

Soothing every part

Of a hibernating heart.

I haven’t smiled so much,

For an age!

You; build me up,

Raise me up,

Lift me up,

Bring me up,

So much higher!

I’m not looking down,

For You inspire me,

Even when the glass

Looks empty!

I was reduced to ashes,

For so long, I felt like one,

Butt you shone upon

Me and Love begun.

I’m not going to make you wait,

No matter how full, or empty the plate,

To tell You I Love everything about You!

I savor your words in my heart.

I am here for you, no matter the circumstance, troubles,or pain,

For You are like me; with a soul of eternal flame!

Upwards You rise:

A glimmer, a dawn; now Your rays are in my eyes

Illuminating the best parts of me, like Plato realized!

Enlightened by You

The truth we now see

Is a life vast in meaning!

For deep in the sea

Of your eyes,

I can sense You holding me.

I am staying!

I am here!

No more praying!

No more fear!

For Heaven replied!

One thought on “I Asked Heaven

  1. Is it possible that Heaven did not give you anything? Rather it is you that is doing the Heaven giving?
    The Sun shines down to illuminate Heaven on Earth. Without the Sunlight, we would all be lost in the dark, unable to see what’s right in front of us. Keep Shining Sunlight!

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