The wanderer passed out face up to the sun.

A mirage transformed a dream which had just begun.

Escaping the desert: an oasis on the horizon.

Unfurling itself as a Morning Glory seeing the sun,

Upon the subconscious appeared the coveted vision.

Water relieving; ragged lips, severe burns, and hope long missin’.

Shade from the trees; defending their body from being beaten,

By that superior force, both friend and foe daily beamin’.

Persevere, my soul.

Endure, my mind.

Make me feel whole.

Oasis, find.

4 thoughts on “Oasis

  1. I’ve heard “Seek and you will find”, tis true of body, spirit, mind. The Wanderer be the Seeker, of what may mirage appear through solitary tear or eyes too blind to see, yet the Seeker, the Wanderer, with Hope by his side discover, he.

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    1. I see your comment, I feel it too. Then I wonder when the whole world can see these words bursting from the pages of 2freebutterflys. I don’t know if you see it too, but just in case, there is something I want to tell you. Your words have a power and beauty beyond most I have read. Please Mrs., may I have some more?!

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  2. Incredible! I keep rereading it over and over again. I wonder if the movie version pulls back with the image of sand dusting over dry bones, butt hope the camel’s bells brush passed, rescued by wandering souls.
    Thank you for sharing this mesmerizing poem!

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